Sales Specialist with German

Wrocław, Poland

In this role, you'll be responsible for engaging with German-speaking clients, understanding their needs, and driving sales of our software solutions. If you're a goal-oriented, tech-savvy individual with a passion for sales and a strong desire to contribute to our mission of solving real business problems, we invite you to apply for this exciting opportunity.

Key responsibilities include identifying and engaging potential clients in German-speaking regions, providing tailored solutions, and building long-lasting client relationships. Your role will play a crucial part in our growth within the German-speaking markets, and proficiency in both written and spoken German is essential. 

Join us in delivering innovative solutions and being a part of our dynamic team at Solvti!


  • Increasing the company's revenue through acquiring new customers
  • Maximizing sales revenue by upselling to non-strategic customers
  • Growing the company's customer base by acquiring new customers and ensuring existing customers remain active
  • Actively promoting and selling Odoo ERP systems and .NET solutions.

Must Have

  • Fluent in Polish and German (C1 level) and proficient in English (B2 level).
  • Pleasant, and effective written and verbal communication abilities
  • Highly approachable and open to engaging with others
  • Demonstrating flexibility and a willingness to take on varied tasks

Nice to have

  • Prior experience in selling ERP solutions
  • Experience in sales within the information technology sector
  • Knowledge or experience with Odoo ERP system

Tasks and activities:

  • Be the main person to talk to agencies like Encore Sales.
  • Keep in touch regularly with Odoo's Account Managers.
  • Take care of the company's email inbox.
  • Be the first person to talk to new business contacts for Solvti.
  • Keep track of and manage the CRM pipeline well.
  • You can choose to do marketing campaigns.
  • Initially accompany the CEO to meet big clients in person.
  • Do one-hour presentations about Odoo.

Why join Solvti?

  • Our Culture: At Solvti, we don't simply speak about culture; we actively shape it. Our foundational values – Competence, Humility, Engagement, Respect, and Trust – are more than some guidelines; they are the driving forces that keep our team motivated and our clients happily growing with us. This culture isn’t enforced on our employees; it's a proven formula for satisfaction and engagement, both within our team and in our client relationships.
  • Our Mission: We're sick of overpriced and ineffective software. We prioritize solutions that actually solve problems. Our curiosity drives us to constantly ask "Why?". We aim to enhance the workflow of 1000 companies through our software and consultancy. The measure of our success? The tangible savings our clients achieve by partnering with us.
  • Our People: We’re incredibly fortunate to have a team whose passion for sharing knowledge and eagerness to assist is nothing short of inspiring. It sometimes feels unreal when you look around the office and see only people who love to share their knowledge and are always more than happy to help you if you struggle; you can always trust them. We have much fun together and, weirdly enough, everyone's got a great sense of humor.
  • Your Influence: by joining Solvti - no matter if as a Senior or a trainee, your opinion matters. We treat everyone's voice equally, so you can have a great influence on our company, all it takes is the motivation to make a positive change and a dash of courage to make your mark.

Who we are

We are Solvti, a dedicated team passionate about technology and innovation, serving a diverse client base across Europe. As a certified partner of Odoo, our expertise lies in seamlessly implementing both Odoo Enterprise and Community projects.

But our skills don't end there. We're also adept at creating tailor-made web and mobile applications that fit your unique requirements.

Founded in 2021, Solvti's mission goes beyond just developing software. We're here to find solutions to real business challenges, using technology as our tool. We believe in crafting software that not only functions well but also helps your business thrive.

So, if you're on the lookout for a team that combines professional expertise with a personal touch, Solvti is here to help.

Your personal contact person

Sylwia Nooitgedagt

Tel: +48 884 387 934


Strzegomska 42AB, 53-611 Wrocław, Poland