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Our expertise in .NET technology allows us to develop high-performance, scalable, and secure applications for web, mobile, and desktop platforms.

We prioritize delivering customized applications that serve as strategic assets for your business, seamlessly integrating them into your existing ecosystem. Additionally, we are ready to implement this technology.

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Check Out Our Projects in .NET 

Online Time Tracker

Time Tracking & Management tool

Many employees with different roles that need to be managed from one location. Everything must comply with German and Austrian labor laws.

SPA Web application for time tracking and streamlining project and employee payment management. Compatible with all devices (PC, Mobile, Tablet).

.NET Core, Azure, SQL Server, React, Ant Design

Online Work Planner

Field service management tool

Separate planning process in different branches, lack of flexibility and a need to integrate with 4 other systems.

SPA Web app, synchronized with other systems, allowing to intuitively plan work across all branches through a common and consistent processes.

.NET Core, .NET 6, Azure, SQL Server, React, Ant Design.

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