Our Advanced Time tracker app

As part of our operations, we have our own advanced tool developed in React and .NET technologies. It is used daily by over 1500 users who register hundreds of thousands of hours annually. Our platform is also equipped with 32 validations of labor law.

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Time tracking app 


Advantages of Our System:

Developed by Us: Our system is created by our own experts, which means we can customize it to meet your individual needs.

Integration with Your Other Systems: Our tool is flexible and can be easily integrated with your other systems, making your work more seamless.

Integration with Microsoft Entra ID: Our system is integrated with Microsoft Entra ID, ensuring the security of your data.

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System Features


Our tool offers a variety of features, including time registration, real-time time tracking, mobile device support, and different permission levels such as employee, project manager, HR manager, billing manager, and administrator. Additionally, we provide flexible commuting time accounting.

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